The Insightful Talk: KATTA X Studio Tonton

The Insightful Talk: KATTA X Studio Tonton






The Insightful Talk: KATTA X Studio Tonton

On December 21, KATTA Indonesia hosted The Insightful Luncheon: KATTA x Studio TonTon, a collaboration event between two diverse industry players. The Luncheon Insightful Talk, a regular program presented by KATTA Indonesia, serves as a dynamic platform fostering collaboration and mutual empowerment. Director of KATTA, Wiji Kusumaningrum, stated, “The Insightful Talk is a platform where two industry players meet for thought-sharing, cross-insight, and even beyond!”


In the inaugural session led by Wiji Kusumaningrum, attendees gained valuable insights into KATTA Indonesia’s mission of bringing exclusive curation from world-class high-end furniture brands to Indonesia. Antony Liu, the principal of Studio TonTon, followed with an insightful discussion on
how can implement a vision, a match between the client’s needs and their perspective. “It is about a synergy and collaboration between the way of living and architectural know-how,” said Antony Liu.

The atmosphere of the session was characterized by a perfect blend of enjoyment and intimacy, creating a unique space for industry professionals like the KATTA team and Studio Tonton team to connect on a profound level.

Special appreciation was extended to Antony Liu, the principal of Studio TonTon, and the entire Studio TonTon team for their instrumental role in making this collaboration a reality. As we reflect on this successful event, we eagerly anticipate future collaborations with other industry players, setting the stage for continued enrichment and empowerment.


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